Computer Coding Unit

Code Academy

In our final unit, we learned how to code in html! For our first project, I used the CodeAcademy website. Using Code Academy, I first learned vocabulary pertaining to html coding. Then, I was intoduced to the basic code stucture of a website coded in html. After that, Code Academy gave me an interactive tutorial in which I learned how lay out the basic html skeleton and how the tags in the sketleton work. Finally, following the steps of the tutorial, I created a website about bears. The slide show below shows my progress throughout the tutorial.

Website Coding- Code Academy

W3 Schools

After my Code Academy tutorial, I then accesed another html coding tutorial on the W3Schools website. There, I was given a more in-depth understanding of how to use different tags in html. I first began learning how to use the simplest, yet essential, tags and eventually advanced to learning how to format, use colors, and use css. I learned a lot throughout the duration of the W3 Schools tuturiol, as can be seen in the slideshow below.

Website Coding- W3 Schools


After my introduction to html coding, I was tasked with creating a website with 2 pages. For this project, I used the Editey I chose to do the first page of my website about my favorite band, Twenty One Pilots! I started off with the basic skeleton and then added my content. To finalize my website,I added a background and a layout. After I was finsished with my first website, I began creating my second page. I chose to do my second about cats because I am very fond of cats! To create the second webpage, I just copied the code from the first website and changed the content which was the title, paragraph, and the image. To complete the project, I linked the two pages together. Doing this project, I did not learn much since this project was about applying our knowledge gained from the tutorials. My final webpages are displayed below.

Website Coding- Editey


Our next project was creating another basic wbsite. I chose to do mine about cats again but this time, I used the Neocitieswebsite to publish my site. Starting my project, I first layed out my basic skeleton and then desgined the layout for the site. Next I added the pictures of the kittens and the two paragrpahs about cats. Then, I refered back to W3 Schools to get the formatting code that makes the text italics, vertical, etc. I also went back to the W3 Schools Website to learn the code for a table. Once I completed the designing of my table, I added my links and finished my website. As of right now, it has over 7,000 views! What??!

Website Coding- Neocities Cat Website

Create Your Own Adventure Story

To end the semester, we did a huge coding project called "Choose Your Own Adventure". Again, I used the Neocities website to publish the finished product. In this project, I had to design a game comprised of at least 8 levels and a multitude of pages linked together! I first decided that I would do my adventure on a creepy house with doors that lead to the unknown. After creating my first page, I used its skeleton as the skeleton for all my other pages. I saved 25 pages of the skeleton, even though I only ended up needing 22, that each had a different name so they were easy to access. To do this, I used the NotePad website. Each page had to have two options to choose from that lead to either the next level or a game over page. To begin tackling the myriad of pages, I filled in the content of each page and the "You chose..." header. Once I was done with all 22 pages, I added the "level up" or in unforunate cases "Game over" h2 headers. Lastly, I added the pictures and gifs onto each page to finalize my website. You can play my game in the website below!

Website Coding- Neocities Cat Website