What is a Computer Unit

Categories of Computers:

To start off the first unit, we learned what a computer is. We explored what a computer actually is and made educated guesses as to what technologies may and what may not be classified as a computer. A group of 3 other students and I identified objects around us that could be classified as computers. After doing this, we organized all of these objects into three categories. Finally, we made a slide show containing the actual definition of a computer and the three categories of computers with the items that we organized into the categories. The steps to achieve the final product and the actual finished project are displayed below.

Categories of Computers- Step 1
Categories of Computers- Step 2

Categories of Computers- slide show

Computer Components:

Later on in the unit, we learned about the parts that make up the computer. Again, this was mainly exploratory as my main source of information was the reseach I conducted about the parts of a computer, how they work, and what their purpose. I made a slide show presentation on the software and the hardware components of a computer. The presentation includes a short definition of each part and pictures of or representing the computer pieces. The finished product is shown below.

Computer Components- slide show