Virtual Loom Unit

Virtual Loom Website

Virtual Loom 1

Further into the semsester, we learned how to use computer programs. Additionally, we obtained a basic understanding of how they work. During this unit we used the Virtual Bead Loom Website to learn about the culture behind Native American bead designs. Then, we used the website to create beed designs of our own. I started off with one of the basic designs. I constructed the design on the picture that the webiste provides by essentially looking back between my creation and the original one. The process was a bit tedious but the website did provide tools that allowed to put more than one bead at once. My first creation is displayed below.

Virtual Loom Unit- Virtual Loom 1

Virtual Loom 2

After creating the first basic design, I was tasked with creating my own design. I did not learn anything since we were mainly observing how the computer program works but I did find the results of imputing the different values intriguing. I wondered how the computer "knew" to do that. I used tools on the website such as "bead line" and "bead triangle" to create my design. I also decided to use bright colored beads on a black background so that the colors would pop. My finished creation is shown below.

Virtual Loom Unit- Virtual Loom 2

Bead Mr. Nuttall

The final virtual bead loom project I was assigned was to re-create a picture of my Exploring Computer Science teacher out of the beads in the computer program. Again, I did not learn anything new but my question of how the computer created the results of imputing different values into the program remained. The design for the Bead Nutall project was the most complex of the other loom designs since Mr. Nuttall's head has curves and is not made of only straight lines. Because of this, creating this design was the most tedious but, creating it was fun. The finished bead portrait of Mr. Nuttall is below.

Virtual Loom Unit- Bead Mr. Nuttall