Photo Editing Unit

People Group Edit

Near the middle of the fall semester, we learned how to edit pictures. We learned how to do this on a free website called Pixlr. I learned how to utilize the tools on this website to cut & copy parts of photos, blend, add layers of pictures and change the background. The first assignment that I got was to edit a photo of a group of people. I first switched the heads of the people and added an exta person with a different head. Then, I took the edited picture and placed the people on a different background. The final product is displayed below.

Photo Editing Unit- People Edit

Face Edit

Next, we learned how to photoshop close of views of people's faces. Throughout the duration of this assignment, I learned how to use more of the tools provided to edit pictures. I was assigned to remove all the blemishes from a lady's face. To complete this task, I used the clone-stamp tool, smudge tool, and the spot-heal tool, which were all part of the Pixlr website. I found this task relatively easy to complete. Below is the finished picture.

Photo Editing Unit- Face Edit

Nuttall Around the World

After the face edit, we went back to learing how to edit pictures with people in them. Again we used the Pixlr website for the next assignment which was to edit Mr. Nuttall into a picture with someone famous, in an iconic location, and with a pet. To begin my project, I choose a picture that I thought would be easy to edit. I ended up choosing a picture of Josh Dun and Tyler Jospeh from my favorite band, Twenty One Pilots. I then copy and pasted Mr. Nuttall's face op top of Tyler's face and edited the outline of Mr. Nuttall so it looked like his head belonged to the body. Then, cut out Mr. Nuttall and Josh and set them in front of Big Ben. To complete the project, I edited a puppy in Josh's arms. The final product is displayed below.

Photo Editing Unit- Nuttall Around the World

Granada staff Edit

The Granada staff Edit was very similar to the Nuttall Around the World project since we were still learning how to edit whole people into different backgrounds. I didn't learn a lot of new things doing this edit since I already knew which tools to use and what proccess to go though to achieve the final edit, however, I did learn how to use the paint- brush tool for this project to blend in skin colors. For this project, I had to edit a picture of me and 2 staff members into an action scene at Granada. I choose a picture of an ASB activity for my background and then selected the staff members I would use which were Ms. Reavey and Mr. Nishioka. I then placed a picture of my head on top of another student's and edited my teachers' heads onto bodies from the internet which I then pasted to the background. The final edited picture is below.

Photo Editing Unit- Granada Staff Edit

Animal Edit

In final part of this unit, we did not learn anything as we just put all our knowledge of photo editing in to the final project which was to create our own abnormal animals from part of already exisiting animals and then setting them in an urban background. I found this edit to be complex but nevertheless entertaining. I started off by choosing picutres of animals that I would later put together to create the new animal species. Then, I picked a picture of New York's streets to set as the background. From there, I went back to my animal pictures and copy and pasted parts of my animals onto the background. For each part of the animal, I made sure to create a new image layer to ensure that I would not edit any of the animal parts that I had already perfected. When I got all the parts where I wanted, I used the blending tool to create a transition between the animal's skin/ fur tectures and the color tool to fill in any gaps between the animal parts. The final product with all 4 animals is shown below.

Photo Editing Unit- Animal Edit