Privacy Unit

Communication Method

In this unit, we learned about how people now have the option to communicate using technology. We discovered that communicating using technology may affect the social skills of the people in our society today. For this unit, I was assigned 11 scenerios in which I had to communicate with someone else. I, then, had to pick the easiest or most preferable method of communication and explain why I chose the method I did. Finally, I had to answer 2 questions pertaining to how our relationships might be different without technology. Below is the finished document.

Privacy Unit- Communication Method Doc.

Privacy Project

Further into the unit, we learned about how the use of technology can decrease the amount of personal privacy we have. More specifically, we learned how people's personal accounts can be hacked or accessed by others to gain information on that person. This causes problems because most of the time, the hackers use a person's information in negative ways. A group of 3 other students and I were assigned a scenerio in which a person's netflix account history was being used to prove that the person was guilty of murder. My task was to make a slide explaining how the information you put on your personal accounts affects how other people view you and why the impression may or may not be accurate. The finsished product is shown below.

Privacy Unit- Privacy Project slideshow