You chose to climb out the window

Level up!

You warily climb out your window, careful not to make any noise. You take one peek back into your silent house. You turn around again and are surprised to see a baseball bat swinging towards you. Unfortunetly for you, you do not act quick enough and knockout with its impact. After a few hours, you regain conciousness. After waking up, you quickly note that you are in what seems to be an abandoned house judging by the spiderweb-covered coners, the yellowed, peeling wallpaper, and what you assume is furniture covered in white, dusty cloths. You stand up and the throbbing of your head where the baseball bat hit reminds you of how you got into the house in the first place. A million questions run though your sore head. Who would do this and why?! you wonder aloud. As you pace around the room, you realize that you have two options: you can either stay in the room or explore the rest of the creepy house.