You chose to explore the house

Level up!

You tip-toe to the door. You place your hand on the door-knob and open the door as quietly as possible. Once the door is half open, you take a peek outside and see a long hallway that splits into left and right at the end. You do not see anything out of the ordinary so you continue opening the door. However, the old door hinges make a loud, sharp creaking noise. Just then, an inhuman figure appears from the right fork of the hallway and turns left. The creature is now headed straight towards you, slowly but surely. You quickly figure that the noise from the door attracted the creature towards you, meaning that you must avoid making any more noise. As the monster draws closer, you notice with horror that it is twice your height, has gray, slimy skin, has slender tentacles for arms and legs, and has no facial features except for a large kraken-like mouth. You must decide quickly if you want to stay in the room or get to one of the other rooms in the hallway.