You chose to go into the left opening

Level up!

You walk over to the opening on the left side of the wall, unsure of what will be on the other side. You wearily pass though the opening in the wall. Once you are fully though the doorway, the wall quickly closes shut, leaving you with no way out. A bright light flickers on that reveals yet another room. On the other side of the room is a white board with *gasp* a math problem?! You hurry over tho the board. Magnetically attached to the board are a marker and an eraser. You become aware of the fact that the only way out of the room is to solve the math problem. AHHHH! You despise math and this time there is no calculator to do the work for you! Luckily, you did pay attention in class and the problem for you to solve seems simple enough: 48รท2(9+3) = ? What is the answer to the math problem???