All About Cats

Cats and kittens are popular pets.

Grey kitten
Fig. 1- This is a small, grey coated kitten.
White and brown kitten
Fig. 2- This is a brown and white kitten.

Interesting Cat Facts

Cats are not boring pets at all. In fact, here are some interesting facts about cats:

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Cat Breeds

Cats come in many different breeds. Here are the 5 most popular cat breeds in the United States:

  1. Persian
  2. Siamese
  3. Maine Coon
  4. American Shorthair
  5. British Shorthair
Cat Breed Fur Colors and Patterns Hair Length Type Life Span
Himalayan Mostly white haired with some grey, black, brown, or red fur Long-haired 9 to 15 years
Egyptian Mau Silver, grey, or greyish-brown with dark spots Short-haired 12 to 15 years
Burmese Dark brown, light brown, cream, greyish-brown Short-haired 10 to 16 years
Himalayan cat
Fig. 3: This cat with peiring-blue eyes is a Himalayan cat.
Egyptian Mau cat
Fig. 4: This cat with a distinct dark-spotted coat is an Egyptian Mau cat.
Burmese cats
Fig. 5: Both the brown-coated and the grey-coated cat above are Burmese cats.

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Author: Arianna Gonzalez